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Repairs and Valeting

Sail and Cover Repairs  As a well established sailmaker, we have an extensive knowledge of sails and covers.  Whether this is renewing some stitching or replacing a batten pocket, this type of repair can often be completed “while you wait”.  For repairs taking a little longer, you may wish to enjoy a walk along Clevedon’s seafront.

Servicing The old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” still holds true as we often service sails 20 -30 years old. Checking the sail for areas which are subject to wear provides excellent value in prolonging the life of a sail or cover. On most occasions we prefer to complete this with the owner, so that we can discuss the items that require attention. The most common task is renewing the UV or sacrificial strips on genoas, as these areas are exposed to UV light. Our aim is to rebuild the sail “as good as new” and we can offer a variety of different materials to suit your requirements

Valeting All sails and covers benefit from regular washing, not only does this remove the harmful salt crystals from the material but keeps them clean and looking smart. For this service we work with Hancock Marine Services, who during the winter collect and return items on a regular basis. In addition to washing, covers can be re-proofed which not only renews their water resistance but helps to keep them clean.

Please email us to request our current prices and full list of these services.
  • Battens
  • Batten Pockets
  • Bolt Ropes
  • Clew Rings
  • Foam Luffs
  • Leech Lines
  • Leech Line Cleats 
  • Reefing Points
  • Stitching 
  • Sail Letters
  • Sail Numbers
  • Telltails
  • Tears or Cuts
  • UV Strips
  • Webbings
  • Windows
  • Zips

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